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My alias is Aeris Nemesis.
I am 19 years old, I reside in Aurora, Colorado.
My favorite animal is actually the leopard gecko.
My dream is to become a special effects artist and costume designer, making monsters is what I do and I do believe I have talent.
I don’t have a car, but I wish I did.
I have a boyfriend, I have been with him for two years and I love him so much. I feel that I am ready to take the next step with him, which is scary because I never imagined or pictured myself being this close to someone.
I love to study the supernatural, paranormal, divination, and Wicca.
I love sushi.
I live a pretty normal life.

And I am a therian.
I am not delusional or insane, for being a therian. I believe I was born with the soul of an animal, I have felt it since I was very, very, very little. I think its disgusting that therians and otherkin are bullied, ridiculed, and taunted simply because we have a belief. Simply because we believe in something that is probably considered a little ‘out there’ or different, but in all honesty, we are no different than any of you! We eat, we attend school, we play sports, watch TV, shit, drive cars, hold jobs, raise children, and just live life. We are no different yet different at the same time. My teacher once said that science and belief do not go together, they clash and should not be put against each other. You cannot use science against, belief. A belief is a belief. As crazy and unbelievable as it may be you can’t take it away. So I ask why, why are people arrogant and unkind, simply because we are what we are? The answer is this: people are bullies, people are looking for arguments or have nothing better to do. People are frightened or confused of what they are unable to understand. People are skeptical, no matter what it comes down to, at the end of the day, you will still be you, they will still be them and there is no point being frustrated in the things people say. Your belief is still yours. I am atheist and I don’t go around bullying or picking on religious people based on their beliefs. It has alot to do with respect; if anything I am open minded, it is curious and interesting to learn about people’s beliefs, they always range from crazy to unbelievable, there isn’t really a ‘normal’ range.

I read a post that said, “The best thing to do with these people is to leave them alone,” and they are right. Leave me alone, I like to be left alone, I don’t care much about people, why should they care about me? If people choose to want to know more about me, then that is fine. I am not looking to be discovered, I have friends, family, and a loving boyfriend. What more could I need? I don’t need anyone’s approval of what is right or wrong, what is weird or normal. No one is normal nowadays anyways.

Mentally ill? I am perfectly capable of holding a perfectly good conversation with another person,
I am not harming anyone else with my beliefs, people don’t think that my behavior is ‘not right’ to the point where they are concerned and say I am mentally ill. My parents think I am a great daughter and haven’t sent me to be mentally evaluated. I am just different and people think its actually kind of cool.
People accept me for who and what I am, as wild as it may seem. Heck, I even wear a tail out in public, simply because I want to and because I really like my tail. It has nothing to do with therianthropy, it’s actually more because I am expressing myself and I am supporting a local artist.

I have found that the only bullies towards therians and otherkin are online. It’s easy to have and (seem to have) so much ‘power’ behind a keyboard.

I am a therian and I am proud. There’s nothing wrong with me, I am simply me and only me. I consider myself lucky, because I experience the world through a different mindset and pair of eyes, something others, will never have the chance to experience. I am not disabled, being a therian doesn’t get in the way of my life. I am not a danger, I am not putting anyone else in danger or harming them because of what I am, I am not crazy, I am different and if I am, the whole damn world is crazy too. Normal? Define, normal.

I have met wonderful and interesting people, still meeting more everyday and I am glad. I enjoy to make friends and learn, just being open minded. All therians are not the same, we are all different in our own ways and have our own quirks.

Just because some people have been found out to be roleplayers and obsessors of animals or the media doesn’t mean we all are. We are real people, with real beliefs, we exist and although people aren’t thoroughly enlightened on this touchy subject, I have hope that one day they will be and they won’t be unkind about it, but instead curious and open minded.

Blessed be!

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